Paul Kells is a culture expert and business accelerator. By applying the principles of engagement and techniques in shaping culture he helps organizations achieve their goals. Paul specializes in helping owner operated mid-size organizations with 50-500 employees increase the value of their company. He has advised and assisted CEOs and senior management of some of Canada’s largest national and international business organizations in communicating profound cultural change to their workforces.  There are a number of programs and services available:


Culture_First_logo_100Culture First 

This session focuses on engaging people to reassert their core values and mission to arrive at a shared purpose that will lead to accelerated growth, sustainability and organizational health.



WorkplaceSafety_logo_100Workplace Safety

Every injury yet to happen potentially includes our family members and friends who are still at risk. Each “statistic” is a face; the face of a human being that someone else loves. In this session, Paul gives a face to workplace injury.



respect_mattersRespect Matters

Respect Matters represents a new way of thinking about safety. There is a high risk of injury, both mental and physical, when people do not report hazards and inappropriate behaviours. Often people make these choices because of power imbalances. Managers, supervisors and peers need to understand and recognize these imbalances in order to reduce the risks.  



PsychologicalHealthSafety_logo_100Psychological Health and Safety

The session helps align and accelerate people and their organizations at the early stages of implementing a more positive, inspiring, healthier and safer workplace culture.


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