“Paul Kells is a national hero. Following the tragic loss of his son, Sean, in a workplace accident, Paul became interested in occupational health and safety. When Paul takes interest in a topic, things start to happen. Paul founded the Passport to Safety Program – an online training program that has educated literally hundreds of thousands of young Canadians about their rights and about occupational health and safety. He founded the SAFE communities initiative through which over 70 Canadian communities undertook to improve the safety of their residents. If that wasn’t enough, Paul founded the Threads for Life campaign – a charitable initiative that provides support for families who have been devastated by workplace tragedy.

An engaging communicator and passionate speaker, Paul continues to inspire audiences with his story and pragmatic approach to changing organizational culture and has worked with numerous organizations to effect real and lasting change in organizational practices.”

Kevin Kelloway, ‎Canada Research Chair and Professor at Saint Mary’s University


“Thank you for connecting Mr Kells, you actually changed my life. I originally became involved in Behavioural Safety to win my son a new bicycle by completing safety observations at work. As a result I was chosen to travel from the UK to a conference in Texas. As it turned out, I attended your session. I had nothing short of an epiphany! I’m still unsure whether it was your delivery, talking with the passion only such a loss can drive, or as a father of four and my reflection on how this would impact my life. Whatever it was, ‘you got me.’  And though it’s brought both satisfaction and pain, I am eternally grateful. The change was obvious to those who knew me. It drove and continues to drive so much of my life. I am unable to ‘walk on by’. The inability to ignore that which others do has invaded my whole life. It has saved some heartache, but also placed me in harms way, irrespective of justification, intervention is not always well received. There have been few people who have genuinely shaped my life, you have. Thank you.”

Workshop Participant


“Your presentation to our group was great and the room was ‘a-buzz’ after you left. You and collaborators are doing great things and folks are very appreciative of it. Keep up the good work!”

Jeff Brett, OHS Practitioner