PsychologicalHealthSafety_logo_smA keynote or workshop designed to help those whose mission it is to lead or play a role in creating a more positive and productive workplace environment. The 13 recommended factors championed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a National Standard for psychological health and safety at work build upon existing occupational health and safety regimes that govern workplace practices.

Systems, policies, rules, regulations, punishment, discipline and dogma do not move people to change to safer, healthier workplace cultures. People do this. This program helps align and accelerate people and their organizations at the early stages of implementing a more positive, inspiring, healthier and safer workplace culture.

To be successful at implementing the standards, we must set out to engage, enable and energize people to take part in redefining the kind of culture they want to be a part of, from the very beginning. This is the genesis of a culture in which outcomes are owned and shared and evolves into a working environment that supports all those who work within it. It morphs into the path forward toward a sustainable, mentally and physically healthy and safe workplace. How-to-guides, focused in large part on process and documentation, are already available from a number of sources. This program aligns with these tools and improves them.

Participants will better understand/learn:

  • the financial, operational, psychological and physical health benefits of a highly engaged workforce
  • the business case for sustainable engagement
  • what key factors are directly responsible for the emergence and sustainability of a highly engaged workplace culture
  • what needs to be done to put those factors to work toward a more psychologically healthy and safe work environment
  • why respect and civility matter, both personally and to your organization
  • the critical need for internal dialogue around the meaning of respect accompanied by a crystal clear definition of inappropriate behavior including bullying
  • what you and your organization can do to elevate respect and civility as a norm throughout your workforce
  • the role and type of leadership required in a highly engaged and supportive workplace environment
  • what works and what doesn’t work to create a more highly engaged, respectful and civil workplace
  • where and how to begin the very first steps toward a more positive culture
  • the seven core principles of a sustainable change and engagement strategy
  • the place to start and the specific first steps to take toward a more positive culture
  • other helpful resources and how to guides to assist in the implementation of psychologically healthy and safe workplace standards.