In November, 1994, Sean Kells was pouring a highly flammable chemical from one ungrounded drum to another when it ignited and exploded. Sean was not told that what he was doing was potentially dangerous, let alone lethal. Sean was killed on the third day of his part-time job. He was nineteen years old.

His death was not an “accident”; it was entirely preventable.

Since that tragic day, Sean’s father, Paul Kells, has made it his goal to help prevent any other family from experiencing the loss and pain that he and his family have experienced as a result of needless death, however it is caused. Safe Communities Canada, the network he founded of 61 designated Safe Communities in Canada has seen thousands of volunteers rally to the cause of preventing tragic injuries of all kinds. Passport to Safety, an online challenge he created to help young people become aware of the minimum they need to know before going to work, has now reached over a half million teenagers.

These accomplishments are is a testament to the dedication and passion of and those volunteers’ commitment to change, and it is a living legacy for a young life needlessly lost.