The foundation of a safe, healthy and respectful workplace is an organization’s culture. The moment of truth for leaders is in deciding how to generate and sustain a culture that works. When leaders engage their people to reassert core values and arrive at a shared purpose, they are on the road to accelerating growth, sustainability and organizational health– Paul Kells

Paul is recognized as an expert in accelerated culture change in both the private and not for profit sectors. Following the death of his son Sean in a workplace explosion in 1994, Paul applied his business and journalism skills to found three successful national charitable organizations focused on mobilizing communities and workplaces to reduce deaths and disablement by injuries. As a social entrepreneur and speaker he is credited with playing a leadership role in lowering injury rates for a generation of young workers in Canada. His work in community and workplace culture change has led to an Honorary Doctorate from Acadia University, Canada’s national award for meritorious service and the Order of Ontario.

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