“You cannot build a safety culture as a subset of organizational culture. There must be shared purpose. When people do the right things because they share the same values and own outcomes together, you will achieve a safe, respectful and healthy organization. Culture comes first.”

People must engage, enable and energize each other to re-define the values of a workplace culture they want to live in. Paul works with organizations to reshape or sustain their cultures with questions like these:

Why are we working here?
What do we stand for?
What is our shared purpose?
What do we expect of others and ourselves?
How can we re-shape our workplace cultures to understand and support these new standards?
How can we begin at an early stage to focus on solutions that help reduce psychological and physical risk embedded in our work environment?

Paul has created an evidence-backed, culture change engagement process to accelerate culture change turn around for workplaces seeking to achieve new standards of respectful and safe work cultures.

When the final stage of the process is completed, the organization possesses the knowledge, tools and measurement capabilities to support, reinforce and continuously improve its culture from that point forward.

The program includes an online tool, in person interviews with employees from all levels, coaching and a keynote intervention experience to align workers, supervisors and managers with a “re-boot” of attitudes. This is a proven model that when used will eliminate workplace injuries.