I’d like to invite you to my new website, theprovenprocess.ca aimed at helping owners and partners of small to medium size business gain more control over their business and increase its value.

Accelerate to Elevate is an implementer of the EOS® process as laid out in the best-selling book Traction. EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) delivers a set of tools and processes that help business leaders:

  • Simplify

  • Focus on what matters most

  • Predict what’s coming

  • Systemize what they do

  • Increase accountability among the people who work there


There are six key drivers of any business that will help them break through the ceilings they inevitably face

Click here or on the picture and then click on each heading to see each key driver’s characteristics.

As an EOS Implementer, with successful businesses as clients who can attest to the value of the process I take them through, I can help you generate more traction on your key priorities and help you bring discipline and accountability to the people in your organization charged with carrying them through. Click here to get to the appointment page!